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Thoughts On v2tec/watchtower (For Docker Containers)

I have a love/hate relationship with v2tec/watchtower. I love that it will auto-update my containers, keeping all my configs and cleaning up my old images. I hate that it doesn't handle dependent containers better.

And I'm giving up on trying to use it for containers that "need" to stay up. This site, for example - sometimes when watchtower updates my ghost container, it refreshes my nginx/letsencrypt container - and this site stays online. Sometimes it doesn't. Same for and - sometimes they come back, sometimes they don't. I'm tired of remoting in and manually refreshing nginx to get them back online after an update, and if you look at my status page my numbers aren't great!

I'll be going back to what watchtower does best - updating containers that are independent - and I'll schedule update windows for the other containers and handle them as part of my maintenance schedule. I'll get better uptime, and likely will spend less time managing container updates overall.