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Benefits of Running a VPN at Home

I self-host a lot of web applications/services out of my home - including this site. One of the services that I have been running for years, with various iterations, is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) server.

Basically, a VPN lets me act as though all my internet traffic from a connected device (client) is actually coming from my home network. A few benefits:

  • I block website ads for my whole home network - when I connect my phone via VPN, I don't get ads while browsing the web!
  • I can access things that are connected to my home network. I could print to a networked printer, for example.
  • My internet traffic is encrypted - I can connect to a public wireless network with little concern that anybody can see my traffic, it's as secure as being at home.
  • I can access the sites I'm used to using from home without being blocked by geographic or network restrictions. When I travel, I still get my same Netflix choices.

I have a very fast home internet connection, so my c0nnection speeds are rarely any slower using my VPN - often faster, since I don't load any ads. If you're running a homelab or have a home server and are looking for useful things to host, I highly recommend setting up a VPN!